The Classy Grid

This technique perfectly fits if your art prints are of the same size, but as we live in a creative world there are no strict rules to this.

  • Imagine a large art print and place your small ones inside of it.
  • In order for them to fit in the big picture, place them side-by-side and on top of each other.
  • It is best to have a look around before putting those nails into the wall – proportions to the furniture, window and other objects in the room should be taken care of.
  • The larger your art prints, the bigger can the gap between the prints be (we recommend 4cm to 7cm). However, if you like the 'tidy style' it is important to have the same distance between all prints.

Sitting In The First Row

You own a collection of different sized art prints but you don’t know what hanging style works best? With this technique you will look like a specialist.

  • The art prints can be hung along the “line” up to the top, middle or the bottom.
  • Art prints of the same size look best when hanging in a straight row.

Create Your Own Big Frame

The frame collage is created by using existing prints – be your own curator and grow a collection.

  • It looks best when using art prints of different styles that feature similar adjectives such as a color theme, botanical highlights etc.
  • When you get to the hanging part, try to hang the art prints in close proximity. Using same styled frames will make the collage look like a big frame.
  • Make your frame a natural growing object of your apartment.

Leading To The Next Level

Let your art prints please you no matter where you are!

  • Think outside the box and hang your prints in unusual places.
  • Brighten up your toilet view.
  • Hang your finest Art Prints along your stair case.